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Tradition and obligation in the future

Merpiel is a traditional Company dedicated to the treatment of skins and hides. As it is quality our main priority, we collect our skins daily from the slaughter house. Thus we guarantee a quick manipulation and the excellent quality of our treatment. Following this criterio we have launched a high bet for its commercial future development. It is our aim to connect the tradition we take pride in, to the needs of the new emergent markets, adapting ourselves to the new changes and creating a sustainable production and commercialization.

Who we are

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Merpiel is the result of a family´s work for over 150 years in the business of buying and selling skins and hides as a raw material. Traditionally our market has been located in Europe and our clients have been the most prestigious ones, thanks to our professionalism and the high quality of the raw material our suppliers provided. But, the complexity and the fast change of the market, together with the strong globalization of our field, lead us to having a new horizon in mind; such as the emergent markets of Asia.

Our bet is founded in our utter believe that our products are ...

What we do

We offer skins and hides 100% Spanish, with the highest guarantee about conservation. Our classification is also highly accurate in order to offer to the customers what they really need.

Specifications of skins.

1.- "Entrefino" lambskins for napa.
It is the best lamb skin in its cathegory around the globe for its thickness and its grain side. It used for the most important fi...

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