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What we do

We offer skins and hides 100% Spanish, with the highest guarantee about conservation. Our classification is also highly accurate in order to offer to the customers what they really need.

Specifications of skins.

1.- "Entrefino" lambskins for napa.
It is the best lamb skin in its cathegory around the globe for its thickness and its grain side. It used for the most important firms in shoewear, leather goods and leather garments. 
Thanks to the weather and to the excellence breeds the production goes on all year through.

1.1 Characteristics:

- Range size: 5,50 - 7,50 sqft. Average: 6,50/6,75 sqft.
- Range wool length: 0,25 - 0,75 inches. Average: 0,50 sqft.
- Maximun thickness in finish leather: 0,8 - 1,0 mm.
- Peak quality and production: from March to December.

2. "Merino" lambskins for double face.

To talk about Spanish Merinos is to talk about the best lamb skin for double face garments in the whole world. It is as much for the density and fineness of its wool as for the high quality ot its defectless suede.Production goes all year through.

2.1 Characteristics:

-Range size: 
          - Small size: 5,00 - 7,00 sqft. Average: 6,25 sqft, suitable for double face garments.
          - Big size : 7,10 - 8,50 sqft. Average: 7,50 sqft, suitable for double face garments and boots.
          - Range wool length: 0,80 - 1,20 inches. Average: 1,00 inches.
          - Peak quality and production: From November to May.

3. "Entrefino" sheepskins for nappa.
It is a bulky and dense one, suitable for leather garments and boots.

3.1 Characteristics:

- Range size: 8,00 - 10,00 sqft. Average : 9,00 sqft.
- Range Wool lenght:
         - Summer season from June to December: 1,00 - 2,00 inches. Average: 1,50 inches
         - Winter season from January to May: 1,00 - 3,00. Average: 2,00 inches.
         - Maximum thickness in finish leather: 1,2 - 1,4 mm.
         - Peak production: From August to December.

4. Goatskins for nappa and suede.
As thickness is its main feature, this kind of skins is suitable for nappa and suede shoes and garments.

4.1 Characteristics:

- Range size: 7,00 - 9,00 sqft. Average: 8,00 sqft.
- Maximum thickness in finish leather: 1,4 - 1,5 mm.
- Peak production: From August to December.

5- Goat kid skins.

Due to the youth of the animal, it is killer after 20 or 30 days of life quality of the grain side skin is the highest making it specially suitable for nappa shoes, gloves and garments.It can be alse used for fur.

5.1 Characteristics.

Range size: 2,00 - 4,00 sqft. Average: 3,20 sqft.
- Maximum thickness in finish leather: 0,5 - 0,6 mm.
- Peak production: From December to April.

6. Hides.

Spanish hides are among the most prestigious ones around the globe. This circumstance, together with its regular production all year through this kind of skin very attractive in the shoewear business.

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