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Who we are

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Merpiel is the result of a family´s work for over 150 years in the business of buying and selling skins and hides as a raw material. Traditionally our market has been located in Europe and our clients have been the most prestigious ones, thanks to our professionalism and the high quality of the raw material our suppliers provided. But, the complexity and the fast change of the market, together with the strong globalization of our field, lead us to having a new horizon in mind; such as the emergent markets of Asia.

Our bet is founded in our utter believe that our products are up to the needs of our current and future clients.
Our main aims are:

- To develop our trade at the highest standard of professionalism. We honestly believe that we can achievethis due to our knowledge in the field acquired through long years of experience.

- To improve steadily the quality of the treatment our product receives.

- To keep into a policy of sustainable development. Having always as a motto: THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS

- To achieve a wider internalization of our Company.

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